August 2021


Response to the COVID-19 pandemic is dynamic – what we know now may change tomorrow as the Government and industry respond to new information. Throughout this time the message has been consistent – essential services will continue to operate to provide critical support for the needs of the community.

EcoChill supports essential services in the forms of refrigeration and temperature control equipment. As we continue to operate, the health and safety of our people and our customers is, as always, our first priority.



  • EcoChill is an essential service provider as defined by MBIE as an entity involved in building, construction or maintenance related to nationally important infrastructure that enables or supports supply chains that are needed for one or both of the following:
    • to provide for the current needs of people and communities to enable or support the immediate recovery of the whole or any part of New Zealand from the effects of COVID-19
    • any entity involved in any work required to address immediate health or safety risks
    • any person undertaking any necessary work in any premises to maintain the condition or value of, or clean, the premises, or any plant, equipment, or goods in the premises
    • any entity with statutory responsibilities or that is involved in building and resource consenting necessary for the purposes stated above.
  • We continue to provide emergency response services as normal.
  • We continue to provide service and maintance services including where they:
    • support businesses continuity for entities identified as an essential service,
    • reduces risk of emergency breakdown and interruption to an essential service business,
    • are required for regulatory or compliance, including meeting Building Warrant of Fitness criteria,
    • are required to address any risk that may result in an adverse affect to human life, property or the environment.
    • are required as critical infrastructure for the purpose of
  • To meet Ministry of Health criteria, including limiting the number of people on essential sites and physical distancing requirements, we are staggering work and have made some changes to operational procedures. We will continue to work with customers to mange these impacts.
  • All of our people are aware of, and practicing procedures as set out in Ministry of Health and MPI guidelines. They are equipped with appropriate PPE, and are practicing physical distancing and recommended hygiene practices.
  • If service or equipment is required for known contaminated areas, this is risk assessed with all stakeholders and Government departments’ guidelines are followed. Any equipment removed from a site will be sanitised before being returned as per Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • There is minimal disruption to supply chain at present. We note some international product delays and will continue to monitor stocks of essential equipment including refrigerant.