Building on a family tradition

Matthew Darby
Matthew Darby Founder and Managing Director

Refrigeration is at the heart of a thriving NZ economy and it’s with pride I can say it’s been at the heart of my family since Dad first picked up the tools over forty years ago. Dad was one of the best in the game and he taught me to value the people you work with.

I’ve taken that into my own family business and while building it have learnt:

  • We’re up against some of the largest refrigeration multinationals in the world, yet we have the skills to deliver industry-leading technology right here in New Zealand.
  • We know we’ve got it right when customers don’t see refrigeration as “just a cost we have to incur” but critical business infrastructure that can provide a serious competitive advantage.
  • Getting it right for the customer + reducing environmental impacts = true success.

People, Performance and Planet.

Our Values

1. Always Our People First.

2. Be Safe – Take Care of Everyone We Know.

3. Educate by Example and Encourage.

4. Act as an Ambassador for Ourselves, the Environment and the Industry.

5. Communicate & Act with Honesty and Integrity.

6. Enjoy What We Do.

A Natural Advantage

NZ has so much to offer. We live in a truly spectacular country and I believe New Zealanders are always looking to protect that.
I’ve been involved in the outdoors from an early age and want to design refrigeration systems that minimise our impact on the environment, something that having kids has made me see as even more important.