Engineering innovative cooling technology for a better world.

EcoChill delivers temperature and humidity control solutions that give unparalleled control.
Providing standard and customised packages to suit, whether it’s in a  supermarket, ripening and storing produce in a cool store, part of the process for manufacturing or storing and distributing consumer products, these are just some of the places you’ll find us supporting New Zealand’s critical cooling infrastructure.  A  true New Zealand family owned and operated business, EcoChill delivers world-leading low carbon climate control solutions through our team of highly skilled people and pioneering technology.

Leading New Zealand in natural, low emission climate control technology.

Working with our customers, we are proud to have achieved some of New Zealand’s coolest technology:

  • 2006 New Zealand’s 1st Supermarket Glycol system.

  • 2007 New Zealand’s 1st CO2/Propylene system.

  • 2009 New Zealand’s 1st EcoChill system for export kiwifruit bulk storage.

  • 2010 North Island’s 1st Supermarket Subcritical CO2 system.

  • 2012 New Zealand’s 1st Transcritical CO2 system.

  • 2014 NZ’s 1st 5 Star Green Building Refrigerated Distribution Centre: Ceres Organics.

  • 2017 New Zealand’s 1st distribution center sub-critical CO2/HC cascade system.

  • 2017 New Zealand’s 1st water loop system.


New Zealand’s 1st parallel compression CO2 cooling technology – expanding the CO2 equator and reducing energy demands.

New Zealand’s 1st hydrocarbon/ CO2 cascade system with full heat recovery and humidity control.

Our Services

Whether you’re starting a business and need cooling advice, creating an environment where temperature or humidity control is critical or need to look at your current strategy, EcoChill can help.

Our Products

Delivering world-class solutions requires world-class suppliers.

EcoChill is proud to distribute leading refrigerated products from our partners including being New Zealand’s only supplier of the global innovator in refrigerated retail solutions Arneg S.P.A. EcoChill also provide their own range of packaged solutions and are New Zealand’s only approved system partner of energy management and controls leader Resource Data Management.

Our Customers

EcoChill work with industry leaders.

Whether they are large or small, our customers understand the importance of partnering to deliver cooling success. We are proud to support New Zealand business to be the best it can through the development of critical business infrastructure delivering performance, safety and sustainability.

Packaged Solutions and Technology