Safe, Efficient, Sustainable.

Cool store refrigeration accounts for over 80% of cold storage operational costs.

You need a reliable partner that can support your cooling systems to work harder and smarter, without compromising on safety.

Site assessments, new build, retrofit options and turn key packages – EcoChill design, build, maintain, optimise and service cool stores and cold storage facilities for commercial and industrial use.


The refrigerant landscape is shifting significantly.

Global legislative moves to environmentally friendly and higher flammable refrigerants have meant the introduction of a new A2 flammability classification (HC, HFO’s and HFC blends). With much of the heating and cooling industry unfamiliar with flammables, it is essential to have expertise and skills that understand all available refrigerant solutions and the advantages and challenges they present.

As one of the few experienced system designers and installers in both natural and synthetic refrigerant designers, EcoChill’s safety record reflects our commitment to Health & Safety, including delivering market-leading integrated reporting.


Large-scale investment decisions require the right information.

Understanding current changes in environmental legislation and the impact on refrigeration assets is essential to ensuring money spent now isn’t wasted. Developments in refrigerants and systems technology must ensure maximum return on investment and operating expense reductions over your refrigeration assets life cycle, while future proofing against change as much as possible.

EcoChill’s flexible and scalable solutions mean refrigerated cool stores can grow and adapt as your business does – allowing for site and product extensions without costly rebuilds or new developments.


Gone are the days of “build a box and make it cold.”

Technical solutions can now deliver scalable temperature solutions with up to 0.1 degrees of accuracy and control, ensuring product quality and revenues.

Traditionally dominated by Ammonia and HFC plant, the rise of CO2 and Hydrocarbon cold storage refrigeration systems are providing additional benefits for cool store efficiencies, particularly where factory packaged systems can be employed. Today’s cool storage businesses are benefiting from developments in low charge and secondary system design, with efficiencies in natural refrigerant technology lowering operational costs and improving safety outcomes.

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