Optimise your cooling systems

You’ve spent a lot of money building a system that should last. Why wouldn’t you expect it to perform the way it was designed?
EcoChill provides a range of services to help you get the best from your cooling systems, providing ultimate performance at maximum value.


Cut costs and increase performance.

Over time systems can degrade. Environmental conditions and incorrect operations can create inefficiencies that erode potential profits and increase operating costs. Recommissioning assesses how your systems are running, providing a detailed investigation of your refrigeration infrastructure, its components and operating conditions to ensure your equipment is at optimal performance. Wherever possible adjustments are made during the process and we’ll leave you with the knowledge of how your systems are performing and what can be done within your existing infrastructure to create improvements.

Recommissioning helps your business perform by:

  • Improving energy performance – costs saved on energy expenses go straight to your bottom line with recommissioning identifying refrigeration energy cost reductions of 5 -10% on average.
  • More reliable operations – reducing repairs and downtime and the risk of emergency break downs.
  • Better cooling performance – increasing and protecting product quality.

Thermal Imaging

Protect your assets and eliminate operational redundancies.

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, preventative maintenance activity that identifies potential failures not visible to the naked eye. Thermal images show cold air loss in refrigeration systems – losses that create system inefficiencies and increase operating costs.  Thermal imaging can also identify if components such as switchboards, fuses, and circuit breakers are too hot, causing equipment failures, supply losses and in a worst case, electrical fires.

Insurance companies can require thermal imaging as part of a risk management strategy and undertaking thermal imagery audits can decrease insurance premiums.

A thermal image scan of electrical panels and specific key refrigeration components such as compressors, larger motors and specialised control panels is a fundamental step to minimising failures and subsequent disruptions, protecting the integrity of your system.

With EcoChill’s extensive experience in refrigeration, HVAC and controls, we deliver detailed thermal imaging reports covering areas that are typically left unseen.

Resource Data Management.
Advanced open protocol control technology that provides remote monitoring and
energy management solutions.

Resource Data Management (RDM) is one of the world’s leading control and remote monitoring specialists, putting you in the driver’s seat of your HVAC&R system. As the only RDM approved systems partner in New Zealand, EcoChill can create customised software allowing RDM’s control systems to fit any application. This customisation enables full functionality – giving you exactly what you need to run your facility effectively and efficiently, whatever you are operating.

Don’t be limited by off-the-shelf solutions.

Our RDM systems can be remotely accessed from any web-capable device, from desktop PC through to a smartphone with real time performance functionality giving you a clear picture of your entire operation. System capabilities include control, monitoring, data logging, remote access, multiple network interface options, Live Maps, energy dashboards and Active FM™.

Find out more about the full suite of RDM solutions and how they are being used here.

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