Cooling and freezing solutions for meat and seafood.

New Zealand’s commercial refrigeration journey began with understanding the competitive advantage refrigeration delivered in meat exports.
This is a partnership that continues today as refrigeration systems remain critical infrastructure for the meat and seafood industry who require reliable solutions that provide the right conditions to ensure product quality and minimal wastage.

System Safety

Meat and seafood processing plants are familiar users of ammonia systems and the specific health and safety processes and procedures they require. Advanced secondary systems and small charge designs have transformed the traditional plant, improving safety and use. The development of other natural refrigerant solutions, including packaged systems, have greatly increased system options, improving safety and performance capabilities.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Providing consistent quality and fast cooling to meet Food Safety Standards, EcoChill’s refrigeration systems offer safe and accurate cooling using specialised equipment to meet all hygiene and environmental considerations. Data logging and temperature control solutions provide temperature validation and reporting, with options for open interface to supply chain partners.

EcoChill Meat and Seafood Refrigeration Services

  • Rapid and conventional chilling for carcass processing and cutting and packaging work areas.

  • Blast chilling and holding.

  • Quick freezing storage and temporary storage.

  • Fresh storage facilities.

  • Live product holding.

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