Maximise revenue, minimise ownership costs.

Delivering a refrigerated retail environment that supports your customers experience and business revenue is essential.

Retail refrigeration options must maximise every square meter.

Optimising merchandising and display objectives while integrating into a store’s overall design, refrigerated solutions now offer the latest innovations to provide the space saving and flexibility features needed for modern retail environments.

Retail refrigeration options must be efficient.

With heating and cooling infrastructure using over 50% of a typical stores power consumption, energy efficient solutions guarantee better return on investment and lower operating costs over the lifetime of a refrigerated asset. Energy reduction strategies, controls technology, and system design are all critical elements to ensure ongoing savings.

Retail refrigeration options must be sustainable.

With the impacts of the global HFC phase down causing growing cost and supply issues in synthetic refrigerants, the retail environment is leading the way in natural refrigeration solutions. Ensuring the large investment that goes into refrigerated retail systems is sustainable is critical for retail business. Developments in subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems and innovations in system design such as charge reductions, secondary systems and water-loop technology, all require design and engineering expertise that can apply the latest developments to your retail environment.

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