When there is no room for error.

Understanding refrigeration in the health, scientific and medical sector can be difficult.
In some cases the wrong refrigeration choice can be life or death as there is simply no room for error in the storage of vaccines or critical biological material.
For others, the wrong choice may mean comprising a timely study or the destruction of critical samples, research that may take years to recover.
For companies manufacturing health or nutraceutical products, refrigeration plays a role supporting shelf life, protecting consumers and enabling distribution.

The distinct refrigeration needs of those in the health and research industry need specialist expertise, where the rigor required for temperature control and consistency is understood.

Specialist Medical Refrigeration Units.

Refrigeration units designed to meet the unique requirements of storage of biological material and vaccines:

  • Temperature stability –  Adherence to strict temperature ranges with limited variability in temperature fluctuation, dependent on the biological nature of what is being stored.

  • Built in installation capability – units that are “built in” or surrounded by cabinets need to be designed so air flow can be optimised, ensuring maximum temperature stability.

  • Specialist shelving – designed to promote open air flow, wire racking and ambient protected drawers to further control temperature fluctuations.

  • Temperature monitoring, data logging and alerts including open door alarms, critical time and temperature alarms and system operation alarms.

  • Re-certification and calibration services.

Ensuring 100% redundancy in refrigerated health and research production facilities.

Performance is critical.

When environmental or operational issues outside a facilities control occur, your systems must have fail safe contingencies. You need a provider that can design systems that create 100% redundancy, ensuring operational support and system back ups that mean even in the event of a failure, there is continuity of refrigeration and temperature control. EcoChill understands that for providers of health and medical systems our services must deliver:

  • Proof of performance.

  • Zero fluctuation with incredibly fine temperature control.

  • Maximum transparency of system parameters including visibility of temperature, pressure and air flow data – easily monitored and managed by operator control systems.

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