Leading Refrigeration Solutions, Naturally.

Green New Zealand landscape picture.

“It seemed obvious that better environmental solutions were needed and the majority of synthetic refrigerants were to become redundant or costly.” – Matthew Darby, EcoChill

Nearly 20 years ago EcoChill decided to heavily invest in building our capabilities in natural refrigeration technology, setting ourselves on a path to design “Nothing but Natural” systems for our customers by 2020. We did this as we see cooling systems as critical for modern life, and with that comes the responsibility of understanding how we can minimise their impact on the world around us.

Business too has begun to understand the impact of synthetic refrigerants on the environment, and we have seen the phase out of CFC and HFCF refrigerants under one of the worlds most successful international environmental  treaties, the Montreal Protocol.

We work with business to support cooling environmental and sustainability goals – helping to understand how to manage the risk changes in environmental legislation and regulations bring and the opportunities that exist to improve system and operational performance and reduce energy use and costs.

EcoChill sustainability initiatives.

  • Member of the Refrigerant Recovery Trust for the responsible destruction, recovery and reuse of refrigerants.
  • Recycling of waste oil.
  • Recycling of plastics and polystyrene.
  • Members of the Precious Plastics global community, putting engineering skills to work to reduce and recycle plastic waste.
  • Recycling metal with a target for all retail cases to be recyclable 80% by weight.
  • Partnering with suppliers who are committed to environmental targets and aligned to our sustainability goals.
  • Supporting fuel efficiency programs in our motor vehicle fleet.
  • Embedding a culture of energy management and working to reduction targets.
  • Using rain water recovery for internal gardens.

Supporting New Zealand’s global sustainability objectives.

EcoChill works to protect the environment by designing and delivering natural refrigerant innovations that help New Zealand to achieve its global carbon emission and climate objectives.