Supporting excellence in performance.

You may not know that despite the complexity and use of hazardous materials refrigeration engineers, unlike electricians, builders and plumbers are not required to be licensed in the use of refrigerants in New Zealand – one of the few countries in the world where this is the case.

EcoChill is committed to the safety of people and the planet in the use of commercial and industrial refrigeration. We develop environmentally sustainable cooling solutions and support the development of our industry through a commitment to our apprenticeship and education programs. We hold ourselves to those commitments by being members of the professional refrigeration industry group CCCA (Climate Controls Companies Association) and we require our people to be registered members of  IRHACE (Institute of Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling Engineers).

This means EcoChill is bound to a strict code of ethics, that our people have the skills and knowledge to do the specialised work that they do, they have passed approved standards for handling refrigerants and that they know how to keep you and themselves safe. We also believe in supporting the important work of industry associations such as Refrigerant Recovery, dedicated to the responsible disposal of synthetic refrigerants to minimise their release into the atmosphere, and the Energy Management Association of New Zealand, ensuring strict standards for energy monitoring and reporting.