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Food processing is an increasingly important sector for the future economic growth of New Zealand, with huge potential in off shore market development. Within food processing, refrigeration plays a role as both critical infrastructure, by protecting consumers and extending product shelf life and as food development technology through processes such as transforming products into new categories or enabling new packaging and distribution.

Food Safety

All EcoChill food refrigeration systems are designed to meet food hygiene and food safety requirements. We also understand the increasing pressure to deliver product to market with the need to protect consumers and product shelf life and saleability. Systems need to provide validated data and reporting to meet regulatory requirements and have the ability to work with other partners in the supply chain to provide field to fork solutions that meet supply chain partner accreditation programs. Technology has enabled refrigeration systems to become controlled infrastructure that supports these demands through developments such as wireless capabilities and alerts for quick intervention and control of food safety issues.


Delivering reliable refrigeration is table stakes – food processing refrigeration solutions need to provide precise temperature control that creates flexibility for production requirements and scalability without expensive refurbishments or purchasing. This is particularly true for industries where the process requires several different temperature control points through the processing plant. Taking advantage of flexible programming systems can work within a business to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs, paying their own way and increasing the bottom line.


Global environmental legislation is changing heating and cooling systems more than ever before. Investing in systems that meet ongoing environmental and safety regulations requires an understanding of the shifting landscape and the wide range of solutions on offer. EcoChill has proven experience in delivering all natural and synthetic refrigerant solutions, understanding the complexities of sites and individual product cooling needs to provide innovative solutions that make cooling work for you.

EcoChill Food Processing Solutions

  • Product storage and cooling.

  • Fermentation, cooling, and maturation.

  • Pasteurisation, hardening, and congelation.

  • Deoxygenated water preparation, wart cooling, and yeast propagation.

  • Temperature control and reporting.

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