Protect the health and safety of people and the planet


People rely on the heating and cooling industry to carry out their work safely. Risks exist for people and the environment to be harmed through poor systems design, poor procedures or poor performance. You may not be aware that unlike most trades and hazardous industries within New Zealand, the heating and cooling trade is unregulated.

With the increasing use of flammable refrigerants being used with the global phase-down of synthetic refrigerants due to their environmental impact, it is more important than ever to be confident in the health and safety expertise of the people you partner with.  EcoChill has the professional skills, infrastructure and qualifications you can rely on. As part of our commitment to keeping our customers safe EcoChill provides a free on-site Health and Safety orientation for your employees.

Keeping people safe is critical to our everyday business.

Be natural

EcoChill works to protect the environment by designing and delivering natural refrigerant cooling systems that support carbon emission reduction.