Naturally Innovative Retail Solutions

Established half a century ago on the Italian principles of style, tradition, and exclusive quality, Arneg is an international leader in the design and manufacture of supermarket refrigeration equipment.

Arneg’s supermarket refrigeration equipment and full selection of remote cabinets are manufactured under an absolute commitment to product quality, innovation, and environmental protection. Based in Italy, the Arneg Group manufacture under strict European standards to exacting Italian design, making Arneg equipment a superior choice.

Flexible, with the ability to customise.

Arneg’s extensive product range is famous for its flexibility, advanced technology and spirit of innovation. The range offers unlimited variety and is consistently updated in line with the latest market trends and research.
Arnegs commitment is to developing the perfect solution for customer needs.

Latest generation technology.

Developed in close cooperation with advanced international research centers and continuous monitoring of retail trends, Arneg use innovative tools for overcoming the challenges of the retail market for style, performance and reduced environmental impacts.

Rigorous quality control is applied to all steps of the production process from design to final testing, and assurance to strict ISO and European compliance standards ensure lasting quality and product resilience year after year.


Air System
Highest quality food preservation with the lowest energy consumption.

The Arneg Air System reduces total energy consumption by 37% energy, while delivering the freshest food through its revolutionary dynamic air blade system. With no defrost, products do not experience temperature fluctuations with a minimum 0° evaporation temperature
and a maximum  2° operating temperature control range.

The environmentally safe, natural solution to food sanitisation and preservation.

The only patented, professional sanitising system to use ozone, the Arneg O-fresh System guarantees hygiene, extends product life and maximises food safety while reducing operating costs. Applied to ventilated refrigerated display cabinets, the system generates natural ozone, acting exclusively in the air circulating through the cabinet to kill bacteria, mould and viruses, while increasing product shelf life and removing the need for cleaning chemicals.

ARNEG CO2 Systems
Innovation in Natural Refrigerants.

Arneg Group are an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector, believing that sustainability goes hand in hand with intelligent technologies. With CO2 one of the best refrigerants in retail applications to guarantee energy savings and a reduction in environmental impacts, Arneg manufactures leading CO2 systems and applications.




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