Understanding your product and process needs, our design team
solve your cooling challenges.

Our Design Solutions deliver what’s critical for your success, with incredible control  of temperature, humidity and system performance.

Delivering some of New Zealand’s most innovative natural refrigerant, low emission solutions, our design team will work with you to engineer quality temperature control solution’s that can deliver better performance for your business. EcoChill refrigeration design solutions can increase product quality, provide operational and efficiency gains and work towards sustainability goals such as CO2 savings within your site specifications.

EcoChill support you in the changing refrigerant landscape, exceeding health and safety standards, achieving environmental sustainability goals and reduce operating costs in your business.

The refrigeration industry globally is facing some of its largest challenges in history.
The world is demanding refrigerants that cool without heating up the planet, and changes to environmental legislation and refrigerant regulations mean the future is flammable refrigerants, with new health and safety understanding and obligations. You need the right information, knowledge, and experience to future proof your cooling infrastructure before making expensive investment decisions.

Our Design Services

Leading New Zealand in natural, low emission climate control technology.

Working with our customers, we are proud to have achieved some of New Zealand’s coolest technology:

  • 2006 New Zealand’s 1st Supermarket Glycol system.

  • 2007 New Zealand’s 1st CO2/Propylene system.

  • 2009 New Zealand’s 1st EcoChill system for export kiwifruit bulk storage.

  • 2010 North Island’s 1st Supermarket Subcritical CO2 system.

  • 2012 New Zealand’s 1st Transcritical CO2 system.

  • 2014 NZ’s 1st 5 Star Green Building Refrigerated Distribution Centre: Ceres Organics.

  • 2017 New Zealand’s 1st distribution center sub-critical CO2/HC cascade system.

  • 2017 New Zealand’s 1st water loop system.


New Zealand’s 1st parallel compression CO2 cooling technology – expanding the CO2 equator and reducing energy demands.

New Zealand’s 1st hydrocarbon/ CO2 cascade system with full heat recovery and humidity control.

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