EcoChill – World Refrigeration Day 2019

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World Refrigeration Day 26th June 2019 The first World Refrigeration Day takes place June 26th , 2019 and will be the world’s biggest celebration for all the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump sector throughout the world. EcoChill is a proud supporter of World Refrigeration Day - check out the events we are running below:

The Future is Cool – streaming live from MIT.

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EcoChill - Proud Supporters of World Refrigeration Day. Join trainees from Manukau Institute of Technology with Matthew Darby, Founder and Managing Director of EcoChill and Peter Murphy, Industry Manager MIT to find out what the Future of Cool looks like. June 26th, 2019 is the inaugural World Refrigeration Day and

Planning a move from R22? Top 5 things you need to know.

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If you’ve read my last post and realised just how risky it is to stay on R22 you are probably thinking about a change. You’re not the only one. You may have noticed that the refrigeration industry globally is dealing with legislative impacts created through commitments to the Montreal Protocol as the world tries to address

CoolScience at MOTAT

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Getting kids involved in the HVAC&R industry is essential if we want to have a strong sustainable industry. EcoChill is working to support the HVAC&R industry Youth Engagement Program (YEP) to encourage and inspire kids into careers in heating and cooling through the CoolScience program. CoolScience encourages kids to see how a refrigeration system works

inKIND: Challenge Reality, Enable Possibility

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If you can't see it you can't dream it. EcoChill are proud to be foundation sponsors of inKIND, a not for profit that looks to build ESTEAM in primary school children and enable future possibilities. New Zealand faces many challenges in creating a workforce that is engaged and has the skills it