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Managing HFC phasedown

HFC Phasedown: Significant impact or a load of hot air?


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“EcoChill handled the refrigeration work during our major upgrade 3 years ago. We were very impressed by their performance and engaged them to carry out the ongoing maintenance since that time a decision we have had no cause to regret. They have great people and do a great job.”

Robin B

“These guys have really shown their class in finding a solution to our historic issues & providing on-going support.”

Mark G.

“EcoChill have looked after all of my Refrigeration and Air Conditioning needs in the last 14 years. They are honest, trustworthy, reliable and at the top of the game in refrigeration. I’m happy to recommend them.”

Jason W.

“EcoChill installed the first ever Transcritical CO2 system in New Zealand into my site in 2012. They did an excellent job and the system has run efficiently and without fault since day one. They actively listen to, and engage with me to offer the best solutions. They have good people and do great work”.

Mark Holmwood, Freshmax NZ Ltd

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