EcoChill investment announced: Excel

2021-11-22T16:58:39+13:00November 22nd, 2021|Community, EcoChill, Engineering, Net Zero, News|

MEDIA RELEASE 22nd November 2021 COOL STAKE IN ECOCHILL BY EXCEL A NATURAL CHOICE.  EcoChill Ltd, a leader in natural refrigerant cooling technology founded by Matthew Darby in 2000, today announced an investment from industrial refrigeration leader Excel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd. (“Excel”). Excel has acquired a stake in the company – with

Arneg Air System

2019-06-27T17:40:19+12:00June 12th, 2019|Engineering, News, Resources, Retail|

The Arneg Air System is an exclusive Arneg patent for closed vertical refrigerated cabinets. No more defrosting, 37% less energy consumption and constant food temperature make this technology a one-of-a-kind innovation. HOW IT WORKS Arneg Air System is a special air circulation system for refrigerated compartments that uses dynamic air blades to optimise

The right refrigerant…

2022-02-01T08:11:34+13:00January 1st, 2019|Engineering, HFC Phasedown, News, Refrigerant, Resources|

How to make sure the right refrigerant goes into your system….a.k.a don’t put diesel in a petrol tank…. I was stuck in traffic the other day (in Auckland, unbelievable I know) and happened to be behind a van for a company called Suckie Moto. Their sole purpose, an “incorrect fuel removal service”. I hadn’t realised that

Coolstore saves $10,000 p.a using EcoChill natural refrigeration system.

2019-06-11T19:01:44+12:00December 6th, 2017|EcoChill, Engineering, Marketing, Refrigerant, Resources|

A case study released by EcoChill has highlighted how significant savings can be made through the choice of a cool stores refrigeration system. “The study showed the EcoChill system used 14.4% less energy while providing 17.5% more refrigeration power. At a cost of 15c per kWhr that’s over $10,000 less energy cost than the

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