To support the first ever World Refrigeration Day, ASHRAE and UN Environment (OzonAction), in collaboration with World Refrigeration Day Secretariat are campaigning under the theme Refrigerants for Life.

About Refrigerants for Life.

During the first half of the 20th Century, fluorinated refrigerants were invented , based on advances in chemistry and mechanical engineering.
Refrigerants have been in use far earlier and this was mostly using ice or other non-fluorinated refrigerants, such as Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia or Hydrocarbons – though with very limited use in terms of residential or industry applications.

Over the last three decades, the world has realized that the most safe and efficient refrigerants, those that have been in use for decades, are contributing to global warming and ozone depletion -threatening longer term life on the planet.

To find a solution industry has and governments have created by legal and technological developments to find alternatives to these refrigerants to control emissions while maintaining the pace of human development and way of life.

The Montreal Protocol is a living example of successful international efforts to combat the depletion of ozone layer through phasing out ozone depleting substances (ODSs) such as ozone depleting refrigerants like R22, as well as phasing down the higher-GWP “F-Gas”refrigerants as per the Kigali Amendment.

Campaign Details


June 26th, 2019


UN OzonAction.
Secretariat for World Refrigeration Day.